5 Common Water Dispenser Problems That Can Happen To Your Refrigerator

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A refrigerator water dispenser is great for quick access to ice and water. When this function breaks down, it can become a hassle if water leaks or causes additional problems for your home. Instead of replacing the whole fridge, you can rely on professional Sub Zero refrigerator service to repair the water dispenser. When your dispenser malfunctions, there are multiple causes behind the problem.

Understanding the following five water dispenser problems can help you diagnose the problem, inform the repair technician, and budget an estimated parts and labor cost.

Water Line Issues

A long plastic hose is commonly used to run fresh water from in inlet line and into the fridge. Problems with this line could cause the dispenser to malfunction while using it.

  • Cracked Line: Years of wear can cause a line to crack. You will notice large puddles of water forming at the base of the fridge if this occurs. When this happens, the water should be shut off until the repair technician can come and make the proper changes.
  • Blocked Line: Hard water build up can cause small water lines to get blocked up. When this type of problem occurs, your dispenser will often give off no water.
  • Disconnected Line: If the fridge has been moved or bumped, it may have caused the water line to become disconnected. When this happens, a repair technician can help secure it better and replace the connection points.

Water Dispenser Actuator

One of the most commonly used parts on a water dispenser is the actuator. This is the part that is pressed in to allow water to come out. There are multiple things that can break with this part. When the actuator malfunctions, a repair technician will usually have to replace just that part. Examples of things that can happen include jammed actuators, worn down actuators, or actuators that are delayed or not responding correctly when pushed in.

A repair technician can run tests on your refrigerator to determine the exact issue. By figuring out the issue, they can help you prevent it from occurring again.

Water Filter Problems

When transferring water through the fridge, it often goes through a filter before reaching the dispenser. These filters help eliminate hard minerals and debris found in the water. If these filters are left unchanged, many problems can occur with them. The filters can crack, disperse dirty water, or become too blocked up to let water through.

The easiest solution for this is a filter replacement. Every refrigerator has a specific filter, so it's important to consult with a technician on the type of filter you need. A technician can also install a filter and label it so you know when it needs to be changed again. Filters that are improperly installed can cause leaks or not filter the water fully.

Leaking Dispenser

One of the more annoying problems that can occur with a water dispenser is a leaking one. Water may drip out at a consistent basis, or leak extra water after you are just done using it. One of the main causes of this is a faulty micro switch. The micro switch is a small device that activates the water valve and opens it to dispense water. When the switch is faulty, it will not fully close the valve and cause your water leaks.

A repair technician can replace the micro switch. This repair will stop the leaks and allow you to use your dispenser on a regular basis again.

Water Tank Issues

To help keep water as cold as possible, many fridges use a small water tank to hold an extra supply. Sometimes these tanks can malfunction and have issues while you're using them. One of the main issues that can occur is tank freezing. If the refrigerator or freezer temperature is too high, water tanks can freeze, expand, and crack. The best way to tell if this problem is occurring is if there are puddles of water on the inside of your fridge.

When a water tank cracks, the whole tank needs replacement. This will ensure that the crack does not spread or occur again. A technician can also help set proper temperatures to ensure this problem doesn't happen again.

When calling for a repair, it's also a good idea to check the warranty of your fridge. If it is newer, many times the parts and labor can be covered. Talk to your repair technician for additional info.