5 Reasons to Waterproof Your Basement

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If you notice that your basement is regularly damp or if you have a leak in your basement that causes puddling when it rains, it may be time to have your basement waterproofed again. Over time, the waterproofing that was originally put onto your foundation and basement may have weakened, allowing moisture into your home. Ideally, you should update your waterproofing before you notice any problems, but if you do notice leaking, condensation, or other moisture problems, then you should consider updating your waterproofing right away. Below are five benefits to updating your waterproofing. 

It Can Improve Your Family's Health

Anytime there is moisture trapped in your home, then your home is at risk of developing mold issues. Mold spores can cause problems in people who have allergies to mold, and severe mold problems can cause respiratory problems for people who do not have a mold allergy. Many people assume that if their basement is unfinished and unused, slight mold problems will not be an issue. However, mold spores can take flight and move about your home, through air ducts or open doors, causing mold growth in other areas and causing health issues for your family. While using a dehumidifier in your basement may help keep mold at bay, a thorough waterproofing job will be more effective in the long run. 

It Can Give You More Living Space 

If you plan to finish your basement, it is important to assess its current waterproofing and fix any problems before you begin the refinishing process. While it is possible to fix leaks after your basement is finished, it will be easier and cheaper to apply waterproofing materials before you begin hanging drywall or other wall coverings. Updating your waterproofing before finishing your basement will ensure that your basement room remains dry and functional for the longest period possible before needing repairs.  

It Can Give You a Safe Storage Space 

Even if you do not plan on finishing your basement, you may still want to store some belongings in it. However, if water is seeping through your walls, then your belongings are at risk for water damage and mold growth. Additionally, if you have a small crack in your waterproofing now, it may grow when there are heavy storms, causing flooding in your basement that can damage all of the items stored in there. 

It Can Increase the Value of Your Property

If you plan to sell your home in the next few years, you may wonder if it is worthwhile to fix small waterproofing issues. It is almost always worthwhile because you can often recoup the value of the waterproofing service when you sell your home. You should keep all documentation of your most recent waterproofing update to show to potential buyers or share with your real estate agent. A recently waterproofed basement will give a new buyer peace of mind about the quality of your home and will also open up more options for them, such as finishing the basement or using it as a storage space. 

It Will Help Prevent Serious Property Damage 

During the wet and cold season, small waterproofing issues can quickly become large structural issues. If you have a small crack in your foundation that is letting water into your basement, that crack can expand quickly if it is not fixed. A larger problem will be more costly to fix and will put your entire home in jeopardy. This is why you should have regular inspections of your basement before you notice any issues. Additionally, you should fix any issues as soon as you notice them. 

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