4 Things To Check On Your Foundation This Spring

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This spring, take some time to inspect the foundation of your home to make sure that it doesn't need any repairs. Foundation issues, left unchecked, can be very serious and can actually ruin the value and the safety of your home.

#1 Check How Your Windows & Doors Operate

The first thing you need to do is evaluate how your windows and doors operate. If most of your windows slowly start to stick shut and don't operate properly anymore and your doors don't line up correctly, that is a major sign of foundation damage. It is often one of the very first signs that your home's foundation is setting and needs to be looked at.

Also, look at the caulking around your windows and doors. The caulking should be right up against them; if it is drifting away, it could be because your home is shifting. 

#2 Cracks In Your Walls

Second, you need to inspect the walls inside of your home. Look at your walls and see if any cracks have developed inside of your home. Check carefully, and even move furniture to make sure that there are not any cracks in your drywall that you may be missing. 

Zig-zag cracks inside of your home are often the result of your home settling and your walls moving.

If you have wallpaper on your walls, cracks could easily be hidden. Instead, you may see wrinkles and creases develop in your wallpaper instead of cracks because your home shifts, the wallpaper will shift as well. 

#3 Gaps In Molding

Third, look up toward the ceiling of your home. The crown molding should meet with the ceiling in your home. There should not be gaps in between the molding and your ceiling. Nor should there be gaps between the walls and your ceilings. These types of gaps develop when your home settles and some of the construction starts to get pulled apart as a result.

#4 Sloping Floors

Finally, pay attention to your floors. The floors in your home should be flat and even if you put a level on them. Put a level on the floors in each room of your house and see if they are level. If you notice, over time, that some of the rooms in your house have started to slope and they used to be level, that is yet another sign that your foundation needs some attention.

It is a good idea to check the four areas above every spring to make sure that your home's foundation is in good working order. If you notice any of the signs above, you need to get a foundation repair expert out to inspect the foundation of your home. Your home's foundation can generally be fixed if the issue is caught soon enough.