Three Things You Need To Do After A House Fire

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A house fire is one of the most devastating events that an individual can go through. Feelings of grief and anger may leave you feeling overwhelmed, unsure as to what your next step should be. After a house fire, make sure to add these items to your to-do list for your home disaster restoration.

1. Go Through Your Home and Remove Items That are Salvageable

Assuming it is safe to do so, you should go through your home and remove any items that were not damaged in the fire or that you can restore. Ideally, you should do this as soon as possible so that your belongings are not harmed by the elements. Even a day's worth of exposure to moisture or extreme temperatures is enough to permanently damage some items.

You'll need a place to store these items while your home is undergoing repairs. Consider renting a a storage unit to house your belongings until you can have them repaired or it is time to move them back into your home.

2. Call Your Insurance Company and Report the Fire

It is important that you report the house fire to your insurance company as soon as possible. This gets the claim process rolling so that you can get the money that you need to repair your home. You will need to fill out paperwork, and your insurance provider will likely want to send out an adjuster to survey the damage and determine how much money you are entitled to.

3. Find a Reputable Company That Specializes in Home Restoration 

Check out companies in your area that have experience in fire restoration. If you aren't sure where to find a restoration company, you ask your insurance company for recommendations. A home restoration company has the necessary knowledge and connections to properly clean and secure your home while repairs are completed. It is important to find a restoration company as soon as possible to minimize the damage to your home after the fire.

For example, the soot in your home needs to be thoroughly cleaned. The restoration company knows what cleaning procedures are required to remove all traces of the soot. Your home likely has water damage from efforts to extinguish the fire. A restoration company will remove the water and any water-logged items so that mold and mildew do not grow in your home.

If your home has structural damage, your restoration company can secure the property so that it does incur even more damage while you work with the insurance company and hire contractors to begin your repairs.