Dealing With A Slow Moving Excavator

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A slow moving excavator can be difficult to use when helping customers with their projects. If you are dealing with such a problem with your excavator and don't want to spend money on a new one, it is possible that a repair will resolve the problem. Basically, you should get the hydraulic system inspected to find out if something is wrong with it. The hydraulics may not be functioning properly because they are receiving an insufficient amount of fluid. Use the information in this article to learn about some of the common things that can go wrong with an excavator hydraulic system.

1. Hydraulic Seals Have Become Corroded

The hydraulic seals are important when it comes to the functionality of an excavator. The reason why is because the seals are responsible for preventing fluid from leaking out. When the fluid leaks out, it is one of the main reasons for an excavator to begin operating in a slow manner. Leaks are a serious problem because the prevent the cylinders from having enough fluid to create the pressure that is needed for certain parts to move. You can easily replace corroded hydraulic seals by purchasing new ones.

2. A Hydraulic Cylinder is Old & Damaged

One of the common causes of an excavator having slow movement is from one or more hydraulic cylinders being damaged. The cylinders have the job of storing hydraulic fluid, which is important for the excavator to fully function. It is possible that a cylinder is damaged from normal wear and tear, especially if you are using an old excavator. A damaged cylinder that is old might have a leak that is unable to be sealed. Your excavator might need a new cylinder installed to resolve the problem.

3. The Hydraulic Pump Doesn't Fully Work

The pump in your excavator is like the heart of the hydraulic system. No parts of the system will function properly if the pump is unable to do its job. It is possible that the pump has become weak throughout the years and is no longer reliable. Get your excavator inspected by a professional to find out if the pump is causing problems. A new pump can be installed if it is necessary to help the excavator stop moving in a slow manner, but leave installation to a professional if you don't have the proper skills to installed it correctly on your own.