Restoring, Refinishing, And Repainting Your Wrought Iron Fence

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Wrought iron fencing provides a decorative and secure perimeter around residential properties for an exceedingly long time. If it was manufactured several years ago, your wrought iron may not have a protective sealant on it that protects it from rust or weather-related deterioration. Sandblasting is a good option for eliminating rust on wrought iron, but it can also do a whole lot more. Discover how sandblasting can be harnessed to restore rusted wrought iron, strip off old paint and even smooth out imperfections in the finish.

Removing Rusted Layers of Metal Normally, the paint and varnish that coats wrought iron protects rust from forming. After enough time as well as lengthy exposure to the elements, each layer of protection diminishes and rust can begin to form. Rust can manually be removed from wrought iron with either sandpaper or a wire brush, but the removal process would also be quite labor intensive. Sandblasting is fast and superbly convenient, as you can eliminate the rust from an entire wrought iron fence in the space of an afternoon.

Paint and Finish Removal When paint or varnish has to be removed from metal fencing, you have the option of utilizing sandblasting or a liquid solvent. Cloth, disposable gloves, a bucket, and perhaps a ladder is needed when using a liquid solvent to strip the paint from wrought iron fencing. By contrast, sandblasting provides a more uncomplicated way of getting the job completed. With dustless sandblasting, the process is even more direct - just put on your protective gear and goggles and there won't be anything for you to clean up after removing all the paint.

Repairing Wrought Iron

Wrought iron is strong, but after being left outside for decades it isn't uncommon to need repairs. Welding is required to fix broken pieces of wrought iron that have rusted off or become damaged by an act of nature. On the other hand, sandblasting is perfect for fixing up imperfections in the finish. If you need to even out an area of your fencing that is no longer smooth, a few minutes of sandblasting will make the surface anew.

Iron fencing can come with decorative posts and intricate designs. Once in place, it can enhance the appearance of your property and make your home look truly majestic. Use sandblasting as needed to keep the finish uniform, eliminate rusty spots and make minor repairs that would otherwise take away from the solid appeal of your wrought iron fencing.