What To Look For In A Sanding Table

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Do you need a new sanding table for your woodshop? Woodworkers are understandably picky about their sanding tables because they use them so often. The sanding table is more than just a place where you do sanding. It is where most of the work is done, so you want a table that is sturdy and will stand up to all the wear and tear. Here are the most important things you should consider when shopping for new sanding tables. 

Storage Under the Table

First of all, you are going to need accessible storage underneath your tables. Built-in metal drawers and doors will provide structural support, easy opening, and clean storage. It is always a good idea to have doors and drawers that close completely because you don't want the sawdust from sanding to settle directly onto the things on your exposed shelves.

Metal Support Legs

Even though it is much more practical to have wooden table tops, you will want metal supporting legs. This is the most common set up for sanding tables, whether you are buying an over-the-counter product or a heavy-duty industrial product.

Metal legs can support the weight of not only the heavy tabletop but also any of the heavy things you are putting on it. Sanding tables have to endure rough usage, vibrating, and shifting around. Most of this weight is displaced directly onto the legs, so it is important that they are made of sturdy metal. 

Wired Tables

Having a wired table top will also prove to be very useful. That is, if you have electric plugs or you can access the plugs right on your table, your workshop will be much safer and more functional. You won't have to use long extension cords or have them strung across the floor. 

DIY Table Assembly

Lastly, you can save money if you buy a kit that has not yet been assembled. If you can assemble it yourself, you will save a lot of money. Modular sanding tables are affordable, easy to set up, and can usually be built without using any power tools. You basically just need wrenches to attach the bolts for the legs.

Having sturdy and reliable sanding tables will make your workshop all the more functional. You'll be able to work on your projects without any hiccups, and the convenience of a super durable table that you can put through hell and back.