Handling A Mold Problem In Your Home

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Discovering that there are mold growths in your home can be a disturbing realization to make. Homeowners that are facing the need to address a mold problem might be slightly unsure of where they should start with this process. One of the first steps that you should take is to educate yourself concerning this particular home hazard.

Have Any Mold Colonies Tested

There are some species of molds that can be extremely hazardous to people. The spores from these colonies can often contribute to severe respiratory problems, as the mold may actually start to grow in the lungs. Sadly, it can be extremely difficult to determine whether mold is harmful from simply looking at it. Comprehensive testing will need to be done to determine the risk posed by the mold colony. To test the mold, a small sample will need to be sent to a laboratory where it can be analyzed.

Avoid Disturbing The Mold

When discovering molds, homeowners may want to try and clean the mold immediately. However, this can be counterproductive, as it can be easy to spread the spores of the colony far and wide. It can be remarkably easy to disturb these spores, which will necessitate extreme care on your part. Hiring professionals to remove the mold will allow it to be remediated without being able to spread due to their ability to close off the area of the home that is being treated for this problem. If you must be near the mold, wearing a breathing mask may help to reduce your risk of exposure to the airborne spores.

Identify The Cause Of The Mold

Remediating the mold will prove to be a short-term solution if the underlying cause of the mold colony is not addressed. Typically, this cause will be related to moisture damage, as mold needs moist environments to be able to thrive. Performing a comprehensive inspection will be needed to locate the source of this problem. Once the primary source of the moisture damage is identified, you should also look in the surrounding areas for mold colonies.

Addressing a mold problem can be essential for protecting your home and the health of those living in it. By knowing the source of the moisture contributing to the mold growths, testing any mold colonies to determine whether they are hazardous, and minimizing the risk of spreading the spores, handling this particular challenge will be easier for homeowners to do. For more information, contact a local mold remediation company like Bernhardt Restoration Inc