How To Determine If You Have Dangerous Mold In Your Home

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Mold is dangerous to your health. Mold is tricky because it is not always something that you can see that is impacting your health, or even identify as the cause of your health issues right away. However, mold can be dangerous to your physical and mental well-being. That is why you always need to be on the watch for mold in your home. 

Know Where to Check for Mold

First, you need to know where to check for mold in your home. Start by checking under all of your sinks. Then, pull your furniture out and check for mold growth on the walls that your furniture covers up, on your furniture, and under your furniture. 

Next, mold often grows in basements because even the best-maintained basement is dark, which helps present the perfect conditions for mold to thrive. Throw in a little humidity, and mold can really take off in your basement. 

Finally, don't forget that mold can grow in your ventilation system as well. This can be hard to check on your own, and is where you need to bring in a professional team to check for mold.  

Know What Mold Smells Like

Second, you need to know what mold smells like. Mold smells like dirty clothes that have been left in the hamper too long, or an old wet towel that was left sitting out too long. Mold has a very distinct smell to it that is just unpleasant. If you smell something like this, you need to figure out where it is coming from.  

Know How to Identify Water Damage

Finally, you need to know how to identify water damage. Where there is water damage, there is often also mold. Look for water stains on your ceiling or on the walls of your home. Keep an eye out for bubbling or warped paint, which is a dual sign of water damage and mold. Water damage often occurs around bathtubs, sinks, and windows, and can also be caused by a leak in your attic, where water drips down into your home.  

You always need to be on the lookout for dangerous mold as it can impact your health without you even knowing that it is there. Check for mold around your home every few months, and more frequently if you live in a wet climate. If you ever smell mold or identify water damage to your home, get your home tested by mold remediation services right away.