How Professionals Take Care Of Water Damage In Your Home

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Water damage can occur in your home due to flooding or a leak. You may be wondering what the professionals would do if they were to do water damage restoration for you. They will have the equipment and expertise necessary to perform the job correctly. This isn't the type of thing you want to try doing on your own. 

Repairing damage caused by water is a multistep process. When done the right way, these are the steps that will be taken:

Identify the source, and stop it

The workers will identify the source of the leak or flooding and stop it from continuing. If the water continues to flow, any repairs done will be for nothing. Typically, this step is taken care of before the water damage restoration team goes to your home. It will usually be a plumber who identifies the source of the leak or flooding and stops it.

Completely dry the area

Once the source of the leak or flooding is stopped, the area must be completely dried out. This will be done using a dehumidifier and other commercial-grade equipment. The area must be completely dry before repairs can be made to prevent the growth of mold. This is also important due to how difficult it is to work with wet materials.

Evaluate the damage

The workers will then evaluate the area and figure out what damage has been done. Damage may include issues with the walls, ceiling, insulation, or wooden beams. They must thoroughly inspect the area and look for any problems that may have occurred.

Look for potential mold growth

While evaluating the damage, the workers will also check for signs of mold. Unfortunately, mold thrives in damp environments. This is why mold is such a common occurrence in cases of water damage. It is vital to identify mold growth at this stage, because the workers cannot perform their repairs if there is mold inside the walls or ceiling.

Remove the mold (if necessary)

If signs of mold are found, the mold will have to be completely removed. This process includes using chemical solutions, scrubbing, and removing infected items.

Perform necessary repairs

The final step in the water damage restoration process involves performing all necessary repairs. This typically includes removing drywall and replacing it. However, there is sometimes a need for further repairs. A professional water damage restoration company will be prepared to handle whatever repairs are necessary.